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Prices For Building Materials Explode Post Hurricane

Some will see this as a simple choice. It’s about choosing the organic and the inorganic. The majority are going the green way these days. The quest to have a natural environment that supports all life continues to thrive. Natural materials are best for the environment and hence also suitable for the garden. But what is the need for mulch? It is there to prevent evaporation of excess moisture, prevent the growth of weed and enhance beauty. The role of improving soil fertility is perhaps the downside rubber mulch has. Of course, natural mulch is superior. However, we cannot rule out the presence of rubber mulch that landscaping suppliers offer. We need to educate people why natural options are the best.

  1. Disposal factors

As we all know is that rubber will never decompose. If you require a permanent mulch, then rubber may do for you. I don’t think many are for that idea. Even the rubber will get covered by soil with time. Removing the rubber will have to be necessary at some point. Natural mulch, on the other hand, is purely organic. With time, it will disintegrate and go back to become soil. This comes as a benefit by introducing more nutrients to the soil. If you notice that the mulch has substantially decomposed, you are free to bring in more mulch. And the cycle will continue.

  1. Soil nutrition

There should not be any contest here. You don’t expect rubber to provide any nutrients to the yard greenery. Mulch has a greater nutritional value to the plants. You just have to wait for the mulch to break down with time. You can expect your soil to come out more fertile after the mulch decomposes.
  1. Safety purposes

We have to appreciate that none is innocent here. The rubber goes first. It’s made up of materials not natural. The heavy metals can get their way into the soil poisoning it to some level. Natural mulch, on the other hand, can also pose some safety threat. It could be the dry mulch that is easy to catch fire and bring tragedy to your yard.

  1. Chemical additives

Introduction of aliens in the food chain is what brings trouble to humanity. The San Fernando Valley landscaping supply company is dealing with the invasion of cancer. Causes of cancer are traced back to the materials that find their way into the food chain. Rubber mulch contains additional chemicals that will get to the soil and into the plants. On the other hand, natural mulch doesn’t need to be enhanced about color. It is beautiful just the way it is. Even if it breaks down into the soil with time, there is no harm out of that.

It can be concluded that rubber mulch is simply for decorative purposes. Natural mulch, however, does both decorative and nutritional purposes, according to the LA landscape supply guy

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