SVC Sun Valley


Personal Sponsorship
The Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival is successful because of the overwhelming generosity of its individual supporters, who believe in the value and the message of the film festival. Regardless of whether they contribute a small amount, or a large amount, together they equally believe in the benefits that the film festival is bringing to the Wood River Valley Community, and to the world beyond.

To financially support the 2016 Festival, please click the image to obtain a pdf copy of the SVSFF Personal Sponsor Program.

Corporate Sponsorship
Without the generous donations of our business friends, this Festival could not exist. We are asking you to be one of our valued supporters who help make this Festival so exceptional. Company contributions can involve the direct sponsorship of theater venues, program events, and activities, and are recognized through benefits that can include prominent name placement on festival material, complementary lodging, festival passes, and more.

Please click the image, to find out more about how your company can contribute to the continued success of the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival.”

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